Island in the Sun

Time Machine – Mr Shammi

Light Up the Fire – DJ Bl3nd & Mr. Shammi

Walla Walla – Mr Shammi ft. Mad Stuntman

Love Message – Vic & Mr Shammi feat. Clea & Kim

Go Loco – LuuX ft. Mr Shammi

Raise the Roof – Rizzo & Miki M ft. Mr Shammi Geo Da Silva & Jack Mazzoni Remix

Raise the Roof – Rizzo & Miki M ft. Mr Shammi

Misfit – Darius & Finlay ft. Mr Shammi

Girl Next Door – LuuX ft. Mr Shammi

Bang Bang (Party Like a Rasta) LuuX ft. Mr Shammi

Now Available on iTunes Denmark

Bubble It (The Bubble Song) LuuX ft. Mr Shammi

Available on iTunes Denmark and iTunes Germany and beyond…

Blame It on the DJ Sanny J ft. Mr Shammi

Available on iTunes Italy

Summer is Here Darius & Finlay ft. Mr. Shammi

Available on iTunes AustriaGermany & Switzerland

Blaze It Up Felguk ft. Mr Shammi

Available now on Beatport

Up to the Sky Laurent Wery ft. Mr Shammi

Available on iTunes

Suga Love Free Deejays ft. Mr Shammi

Out Now

No No No No Bob Sinclar ft. Mr Shammi

Available on Paris by Night on iTunes worldwide.

Also available on Bob Sinclar’s Africanism on Beatport

Me Not A Gangsta Bob Sinclar feat. Mr. Shammi

Available on Bob Sinclar’s album Disco Crash on iTunes

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